Self Funded Room 


The Hybrid Model For Self-Funded Searchers
To Avoid Consume Your Cash Reserves

In the training above 👆 I share the step-by-step process that i followed to bring a team of co-investors in my brand-new Holding company. 

If you want me to help you replicate it in your HOLDCO schedule your call below and discover if we can offer you a "Success Guarantee"

The presentation UNPACKED: 
Minut 07:00: What they don´t tell you about the traditional search fund model
Minut 10:00: traditional way VS the NEW hybrid model

Minut 16:00: ShareHolder Agreement overview. Clauses and terms you should consider. 
Minut 26:30: the very dangerous incentives in the Search Phase that can ruin your life and how to avoid them. 

De-Risk your Self-Funded Journey: 

  • ​How to frame yourself.
  • How much equity you give.
  • ​Your dilution in future capital increase.
  • ​Dividens.
  • ​How the money enters in the company.
  • ​Board or no board.
  • ​What about the personal guarantees.
  • ​How to negotiate your salary.
  • ​And other CRITICAL nuances...

💰Desde Casa

(Oportunidad Laboral)

"Cómo crear una fuente de ingresos 💰 de 20.000€ EXTRA/año empezando tu negocio de consultoría. 
Sin dar rodeos, método paso a paso de quien ya lo ha logrado." 

Presentador: Tony Bellamy, fundador de

Cómo crear un negocio online que gestiones desde casa, de forma sostenible, para toda la vida:

  • Sin crear un curso, montar una tienda, hacer infoproductos ni montar ninguna agencia. Solo tú y tu ordenador portatil.
  • Sin necesidad de crear toneladas de contenido en Redes Sociales. 
  • ​Promesa: cómo conseguir tu primer clientes en 24 días.
  • ​La estrategia exacta que he usado para conseguir +2000 clientes en los últimos 18 meses, además, incluso te mostraré el paso a paso para que tú también puedas usar el mismo método

Presentador: Tony Bellamy, fundador de

Presentador: Tony Bellamy, fundador de

Presentador: Tony Bellamy, fundador de

Your HOST:


My name is Tony Bellamy.

Long story short:

I tryed the corporate lawyer path but very early i realize i needed a bit more of chaos and asymetric risk-reward to feel alive. So i quit, founded a software company (SaaS) and run it for a five years.

I made some money, travel the world and eventually sold the company to one customer.

I decided that what makes sense for me next is to become an hybrid betwen and investor and an entrepeneur. This is why in 2023 i started a to grow through acquistions and call it Bellamy & Capital Partners (